forty four: dark chocolate swirl meringues

Okay, so I might have been on an unannounced hiatus–but it’s only because I’ve been too busy enjoying every bit of my (what once used to be) unemployed status. Well, that long holiday kind of ended last Monday since I just started working, so here I am.

Truthfully, I think I’m experiencing some withdrawal pangs because I haven’t had the luxury of baking on a whim lately!


Here’s a post that I should have posted weeks (or months) ago. I was looking for an excuse to use the leftover egg whites that I had after making a batch of chocolate lava cakes. Plus, don’t you just love it when an idea comes to mind, and you have all the ingredients ready in your fridge and pantry? I know I do.


The one grave mistake I made with this batch of meringues? I think I forgot to reduce the amount of sugar since I only made half a batch. As a result, the meringues were too tooth-achingly sweet. Such a pity though, and I just couldn’t bring myself to eat the meringues. (A moment on the lips, …)

Also, be gentle when you mix the melted chocolate into the meringue, unless you want your pristine-looking white meringues to turn light brown. (See above, and see below for the expectations vs reality comparison!)

Note: I omitted the Nutella whipped cream for this batch, which was a good call since the meringues were literally puffs of sugar anyway. I hope this recipe will work out for you, though! Just don’t be careless, like yours truly. 😉

IMG_1662(I just had to poke fun at myself, hur hur)

Dark Chocolate Swirl Meringues (from Call me cupcake)
makes about 10-15 medium sized meringues


  • 3 egg whites
  • 175g caster sugar
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract (I used essence)
  • 1/4 tsp white wine vinegar (I used vinegar)
  • 75g dark chocolate, melted


  1. Preheat the oven to 125 C.
  2. Line a baking sheet with baking paper.
  3. Beat the egg whites till frothy. Add the caster sugar, vinegar and vanilla gradually.
  4. Whip until the meringue hold stiff peaks, and there is no sugar grit left.
  5. Melt the dark chocolate, and add about half (or more, if you like!)of the melted chocolate into the meringue mixture. Mix through the mixture “loosely”–you want the swirls to remain in the meringue.
  6. Spoon the meringue mixture onto the baking sheet. You can also use a piping bag fitted with your preferred tip–pipe in a swirly motion onto the baking sheet.
  7. Drizzle the rest of the melted chocolate onto your meringues.
  8. Lower the temperature of the oven to 100 C. Bake your meringues in the lower part of the oven for about 60-80 minutes, or until the meringue no longer sticks to the baking paper.
  9. Turn off the oven, and leave the meringues in the oven for another 20 minutes.
  10. Take out the meringues from the oven, and leave to cool completely on a wire rack.

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